Bardwell F4 Flight Controller V1.3 - JBF4 AIO FC By RDQ (OSD / 3-6S)

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Joshua Bardwell and RDQ have come together to make the industry’s next favorite flight controller. With the latest features, a layout which will make your build clean and easy, top-notch customer support, and an extremely competitive price, the Bardwell F4 AIO Flight Controller is perfect for your quad!

Version 1.3's JST connector's pinout is: 
VBat - Current - GND - NC - M1 - M2 - M3 - M4

Changes in version 1.3 include:

* 16 MB data flash chip for Blackbox logging instead of SD card reader.
* RX4 pad at corner for ESC telemetry
* TX6 pad added so there is one additional UART for general-purpose use
* 5v pad near LEDstrip pad changed to vBat so there is a convenient vBat pad on top of the board. Use Buzzer+ for 5v if need be or there is a 5v pad on the bottom of the board.


✓ 3-6s F4, AIO board with MPU 6000 gyro

✓ Superb board layout allowing for easy and clean builds

 Joshua Bardwell authored manual and selected features, manufactured and backed by RDQ

✓ Centrally located gyro

✓ Betaflight OSD w/ 131a current sensor

✓ Compact 30.5x30.5 board layout

✓ 9v filtered power out for VTXs – very strong filtering capability for clean video (the 5v output is also filtered) 

✓ Power Out: 3x 5v, 1x 3.3v, 1x VBAT, 1x VTX filtered power (9v), 1x Camera filtered power (9v); 

✓ UARTS for FRSKY, SBUS, IBUS, SAT (2 inverted UARTS), TX6 pad added so there is one additional UART for general-purpose use

✓ Smart Audio compatibility and Camera Control capability

✓ Pre-flashed with BF 3.2.2 - Compatible with CLRACINGF4.hex

✓ Programmable LED pin

✓ Buzzer pins

✓ Blackbox capability

✓ No pinned-connectors – all direct solder for optimal durability

✓ Includes vibration dampeners

✓ 7.29g Weight


    For a detailed and complete manual authored by Joshua Bardwell, please click here. The Bardwell F4 manual is distributed as an online PDF. It does not come with a hard-copy printed manual

    If you are using SmartPort Telemetry wired to the TELE pad, you must go into the CLI and type:

    set tlm_halfduplex = off

    If you are having issues with DShot or LEDs working on BF3.3, go into CLI and type: 

    dshot_burst = off


    The table below shows the intended purpose of each of the pads on the board. Detailed instructions for wiring up the board are later in the manual.



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