Xing Cyber 2306.5 / 1999KV Brushless Motor

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XING performance refined to another level. 10mm NSK high-end bearings and bigger stator volume with increased thrust but just a little more weight and cost. All new Bling-Bling Cyber design to show off at every race, but that's what XING motors is about. We took all our XING motor experiece and refined the whole stator to optimize your flying experience. MORE performance, MORE durability, MORE smooth and MORE eyecatcher.

The iFlight XING series motor is designed and named by FPV pilot & specialist Patrick Xing. Combining IFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise, a top-of-the-line motor has been produced. iFlight XING provides the most incredible power and thrust in the lightest weight. The elliptical body, powerful stator with N52H magnets and very small air gap makes iFlight XING series motor incredible new style motors.


  • High-strength 4mm Titanium alloy shaft
  • 10x4x4mm NSK Ultra smooth & durable bearings
  • XING damping technology (O-Ring reduces bearing stress and vibration)
  • 220℃ specific heat-resistant copper wire
  • Advanced inner circuit design (Smoother power distribution)
  • Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core
  • N52H High-temperature magnets
  • Hex bolt shaft set screw
  • 31g

Package Includes:

- Cyber XING 2306.5 Motor * 1pc
- M3*6mm screws x 4pcs
- M5*6.1mm M5 Flanged Nylon Insert Lock Nut x 1pc 



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