Avan Rush 2.5 x 1.9 Tri-Blade 2.5" Propellers (Multiple Colors)

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These Emax Avan Rush 2.5x1.9x3 Propellers were designed to maximize performance and flight time. This propeller is made to work with the Emax 1106 / 4500kv, using a 4s, or the Emax 1106 / 6000kv, on 3s. A special Polycarbonate blend is used to achieve high durability at only 1.4 grams, with most of the weight centralized near the hub to create a low moment of inertia for a very responsive prop. This material is incredibly tough in high impact crashes as well.

2.5 inch diameter
1.9 inch pitch
3 blades

Inertial Properties:
Weight: 1.4 grams
Moment of Inertia: 1.24 g*cm^2

AVAN Rush 2.5 inch props (2xCW 2xCCW) 1 Set of 4




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