Emax Babyhawk Race Parts 2.5" Conversion Kit

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Use this kit to convert your 2-inch BabyHawk R into a 2.5-inch quadcopter. With specially designed AVAN Rush props, this conversion kit will boost your flight performance and give you a whole new flight experience.

The Emax Avan Rush propeller 2.5x1.9x3 was designed for this Babyhawk Race 2.5 inch conversion kit to maximize performance and flight time. This propeller is matched to Emax 1106 4500kv for 4s or the Emax 1106 6000kv on a 3s.  A true 1.9" pitch throughout the blade gives a linear control feeling across the throttle band while still achieving high speeds. This allows for ease of flight and more precision.


(1) Pair of 2-in-1 Arms 

(4) AVAN Rush 2.5x1.9x3 Red Propellers



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