Emax BabyHawk Race (R) Pro Edition FPV Brushless Drone (PNP or BNF / 2.5" / Red)

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Emax Babyhawk R Pro 120mm F4 Magnum Mini 5.8G FPV Racing Drone 2-3S PNP or BNF (FrSky)

  • 120mm unibody frame with PC durable canopy/pod
  • Mini Magnum F4 2 lite 
  • 20amp 4in1 BLHeli_S ESC 20x20 mounting
  • Onboard ESC Current Sensor
  • F405 Matek HEX Target using Betaflight OSD
  • 5 available UART ports
  • 2 onboard RGB programmable LED's
  • 1106 6000kv Brushless Motors
  • EMAX Rush 2.5 inch propeller
  • 25-200mw FCC compliant VTX with Raceband Channels
  • Smart Audio control feature 
  • MMCX Connector
  • EMAX/Caddx S1 CCD FPV Camera
  • AUW without battery 91.5 grams
  • Camera Tilt Angle: 20-70 degrees
  • 2-3S
* Radio Receiver not Included with PNP Version. Recommended battery for optimal flight is 450 to 850mah 3s LiPo with a minimum of 45C burst.
* If telemetry is needed, you will need to make LED pad into Softserial. 

Enable Softserial in CLI:
resource led_strip 1 none
resource serial_tx 11 A08

Under port:
Soft serial 1, select S. Port 

If you wired the inverted signal from RX, then in CLI type "set tlm_inverted = offand "tlm_halfduplex = on"

If you wired the hacked signal, then in CLI type "set tlm_inverted = on"

* Technical Bulletin: Please note that some first batch units were shipped with 3.3 Betaflight and not the intended 3.5 betaflight. Please update the firmware to 3.5 and use the following link for our recommended setting via a CLI dump file. Please contact our service center if you have any additional questions.

Betaflight 3.5 Babyhawk R Pro 2.5 CLI dump file



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