HGLRC Sector30CR Carbon Fiber Frame Kit (3" / 150mm)

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The HGLRC Sector30 frame kit comes equipped with a set of anti-crashing and shock-absorbing prop guards. Looking for a longer flight time? This frame's ability to support AIO boards or stacks makes for a lighter, more efficient drone.



  • Has both 20x20 & 25.5x25.5 mounting holes
  • Ultra-light weight for long flight times



  • Model: Sector30CR Freestyle Frame
  • Material: 3K carbon fiber
  • Type: 3-inch Frame
  • Wheelbase: 150mm
  • Size: 147 x 130mm
  • Top plate: 2mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm
  • Space: 25mm
  • FC mounting hole options: 20 x 20mm / 25.5 x 25.5mm
  • Supports camera sizes: 19 x 19mm
  • Weight: 1.49oz (42.2g) (Without propeller guards)



(4) 3-inch Propeller Guards
(1) 2mm Top Plate
(1) 3mm Bottom Plate
(2) 1.5mm Camera Side Plates
(6) M2 x 25mm Black Standoffs
(2) M2 x 23mm Black Standoffs
(1) M5 x 20mm Roundhead Screw 
(4) M3 x 25mm Roundhead Screws
(1) M3 x 20mm Roundhead Screw
(4) M2 x 20mm Roundhead Screws
(8) M2 x 7mm Cup-head screws 
(6) M2 x 6mm Roundhead Screws
(2) M2 x 4mm Roundhead Screws 
(1) M5 Self-locking nut
(5) M3 Self-locking nuts
(4) M2 Self-locking nuts
(4) M3 x 8mm Grommets (Red)
(4) M2 x 4mm Standoffs
(2) Battery Straps 15x200mm
(1) Battery Pad (Anti-Slip)
(1) Black TPU GoPro mount
(1) Black TPU Naked GoPro mount
(1) TPU Antenna Base



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