iFlight Transframe X5 True X 220mm Frame

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Features of the Transframe X5

*Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe 
*Bottom plate 4T / 45degree / Round cut edge 

*Frame size for 5" propellers, 220mm motor to motor
*Easy to use cam mount at 25-degree angle. (Gopro, Cube, Runcam and etc)
*Super rigid for racing

Package Includes

1 x 4mm carbon fiber unibody base plate
1 x 2mm carbon fiber top plate
1 x 2mm x 2 side wall plate
1 set of 12.9 black nickel plated screws
4 x 25mm and 
2 x 28mm standoff
1 set of nylon standoff, hex nut, and washers



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