iRangeX IRX4 2.4Ghz Multiprotocol JR Module

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Band: 2.4G
Weight: About 40g
Firmware: STM32 
Dimension: About 49x22x65mm
Antenna Length: About 108mm

Tested/Supported Protocols:

- Flysky (Generation I protocol,based on A7105,tested)
- Hubsan (Based on A7105,tested)
- Frsky (Based on CC2500,tested)
- Hisky (Based on24L01,tested)
- V2x2 (Based on 24L01)
- Dsm2 (Based on CYRF6936,tested)
- Devo (Based on CYRF6936,tested)
- YD717 (Based on 24L01 )
- KN (V977,Based on 24L01,tested)
- SymaX (Based on 24L01)
- SLT (Based on 24L01)
- CX10 (Based on 24L01)
- CG-023

Compatible Transmitter:

Frsky: All the frsky transmitters
Futaba: Futaba S-FHSS transmitter
Flysky: TH9X (Note: The plastic base of the pins on the transmitter needs to be removed to fit this module.)
Turnigy: 9XR,9XR Pro
Others: Other transmitter that can use 
the Open TX firmware.

The above protocols are transplanted from open source projects based on the remote control Walkera DEVIATION. The original author has tested almost all the protocols, but not all protocols for this 4 in 1 wireless module. The protocols the supplier tested have been stated above. Protocols not listed above may be supported but there may be program configuration problems the firmware cannot support.

Open source protocol is mostly cracked and protocol versions are constantly updated but inevitably there are omissions, including but not limited to the following:
- Version DSM2 has protocol compatibility problems
- Some receivers (i.e. original AR600) need to rebind per use, some receivers (i.e. Spektrum integrated receiver) have a slow frame rate. These issues have been determined to be within the programs themselves



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