Jumper T-Lite Radio Controller (Hall-Sensor Gimbals)

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Introducing, the Jumper T-Lite Radio Controller with the CC2500 (FrSky) Internal Transmitter Module. This game-sized controller allows you to control more than one type of receiver (protocol), all with the same controller. It is also compatible with several long-range transmitter modules, to give you the adaptability you need for future upgrades. This controller is packed with features, it's lightweight and compact for easy travel.




  • OpenTX firmware
  • 1.3" LCD Screen
  • High-Quality Hall Sensor Gimbals
  • Internal Single Multi-Protocol Chip (works with FrSky, Futaba, SFHSS, Hitec, Radiolink, Graupner, Esky, and more)
  • External Lite Module Capable (Add-On)
  • Built-in USB-C Charging
  • Voice and Vibration Function
  • Trim Buttons for Airplanes and Wings




    • FrSky
    • Radiolink
    • Hitec
    • Futaba (SFHSS)
    • Esky
    • Corona
    • Graunper
    • And more (per manufacturer)


    External Modules

    • Ghost Lite
    • CRSF Nano
      - 25mW is suggested. For more than 100mW, an 18650 battery with a high amp output or external power supply is recommended.

    * R9M Lite/Pro and XJT Lite are NOT supported



    (1) 18650 Battery

    * Button-head batteries recommended. If used with flat-end batteries, connector prongs should be extended to reach both ends of the battery.


    • Size: 166 x 106 x 56mm
    • Weight: 9.17oz (With 18650 Battery)
    • Voltage: DC 3.5-4.2V
    • Battery: 18650 1S (Battery not included)
    • Channel: 16CH
    • External micro SD card capable





      (1) Jumper T-Lite Radio Controller 
      (1) Type-C USB Cable
      (1) Lite Module Adapter
      (3) Hardware Screws for Lite Module Adapter



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