Lawson Battle Axe Freestyle Frame (5" / 250mm)

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Battle Axe Freestyle Frame is designed by a student from AISG - Parker Lawson(Lawson FPV). Parker is an enthusiast of freestyle, that’s the reason why he designs this frame and why we can see it today. It took 6 months and 18 days of development & testing and 7 times sample making from the first draft design to mass production. The countless testing from the initial design to mass production shows Parker’s pursuit of quality. Why do we say that it is nearly perfect? - We’ve been modifying and optimizing Battle AXe: Chamfered & 45° precise CNC cut 3K carbon makes the frame extra strong; It combines Arms on top for mid mount configuration & arms on the bottom for top mount or bottom mount configuration in one frame without extra parts. Parker knows the difficulty of repairing outdoors as an enthusiast of Freestyle and Racing, that’s the reason why the frame comes with a compact & easy repairing design - arms can be replaced easily without affecting FC hole.


- Fits up to a 5.5-inch prop (5 inches with hero 6 or session, 5.5 inches with the session only)
- 250mm true x frame
- Multi-Configuration (Arms on top for mid mount configuration or arms on the bottom for top mount or bottom mount configuration)
- Fits up to 25xx stator motors safely for the best protection in a crash
- Frame weight: Approximately 140 grams with 3d TPU antenna mount
- Easily remove arms (remove 2 screws to pull the arm out, doesn't interfere with the FC stack)
- 20mm main body with a 26mm back section to maximize space
- Camera pod with tilt ranges from 0-60 with a 30-degree GoPro mount (Can protect up to a RunCam Eagle 2 pro camera)
- Interlocking center arms for maximum strength with 4mm threaded spacers to create a tight sandwich for the arms
- Multiple battery configurations, Mounting for toilet tank style and traditional style in top mount and mid mount configuration

- Wheelbase: 250mm 
- Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm 
- Top Plate Thickness: 2mm 
- Arm Thickness: 4mm 
- Arm Width (Average): 13.5mm
- Vertical Side Plate Thickness: 3mm 
- Distance between Vertical Side Plates: 28mm 
- Distance between Top & Bottom Plates: 30mm 
- FC Mounting Holes: 30.5mm 
- Frame Net Weight: 140g 
- Supported Motor: 22XX-25XX
- Supported Propeller: Max 5 Inch

Package includes:
- 1 x 5'' Lawson FPV Battle Axe Freestyle Frame 
- Hardware and screws 



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