XT30 Parallel Balance Charging Board for LiPo Batteries (2-6S / XT60 for Main Plug)

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XT30 Parallel Charging Board. This board connects to an XT60 male plug.  Charges 6 LiPo Batteries at once from 2-6S

Use this  XT60 Parallel Charging Board to charge multiple batteries simultaneously or simply keep all your battery adapters plugged in at all times, to avoid having to swap out connectors for different battery types. This charging board features thickened PCB copper foil, to ensure a safe 30A load current.

Note: Always confirm that your power supply provides a sufficient amount of amperage, in order to charge the quantity/type of battery you are attempting to charge. Amps Needed equals Number of Batteries Being Charged times Milliamps divided by 1000.(For example: A quantity of three 1500mAh LiPo Batteries would need a power supply capable of supplying 4.5 Amps).

Warning: Before charging batteries, be sure all batteries connected have the same number of cells and milliamp capacities, as well as individual cell voltage readings ranging NO GREATER than 0.1 to 0.3 volts. Failure to follow these instructions could cause battery damage, and potentially create a risk of fire hazard.

Package Includes:

1 x XT30 Plug Parallel Charging Board
1 x Cable set
1 x Manual



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