Lipo Killer - Safe Lipo Battery Discharger/Disposer (XT60)

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The Lipo Killer discharges old or damaged batteries you wish to dispose of down to 0v. This eliminates all charge from the battery and makes the pack safe to dispose of or recycle. The Lipo Killer Discharger can take 1-3 days to discharge a pack depending on the battery's charge and does so at a safe rate of discharge. The discharger works for any cell lipo at any charge. 

To use, simply attach the Lipo Killer to the XT60 battery lead of the battery. The light will turn on, indicating the battery is being discharged. When the light turns off, the battery is fully discharged and safe to be disposed of.

Note: Neither RC-N-Go nor RDQ can be held responsible for accidental use of the discharger (i.e. you kill a battery you did not mean to kill). Additionally, we are not responsible for damage caused by any of our products. Using this product within a fireproof container on a fireproof surface is always recommended.



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