Multi-Head Charging Adapter Cable

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Use this Multi-Head Charging Adapter for all your charging needs! With this single adapter cable, you can charge batteries with up to 19 to 20 different connector types. It's no longer necessary to keep track of multiple adapters and change them out every time you need to switch batteries. 


Input Connectors:
  • Banana Plugs (4mm gold-plated, positive/negative with 14AWG Wire)
  • Current: 55A


19-in-1 Output Connectors:
  • Traxxas
  • Tamiya
  • Mini Tamiya
  • Glow Ignitor
  • EC3
  • EC5
  • XT60
  • JR TX
  • JST
  • Deans
  • Mini Deans Ultra-type
  • mCPX
  • mCX
  • Spektrum TX
  • Futaba TX
  • Anderson Power Poles
  • Futaba JR servo Plug
  • HXT 4mm
  • DIY Bare Wire
20-in-1 Output Connectors:
  • Traxxas
  • Tamiya
  • Mini Tamiya
  • Glow Ignitor 22AWG
  • EC2 (Blue)
  • EC3 (Blue)
  • EC5 (Blue)
  • F-Molex 20AWG
  • XT60 (Yellow)
  • XT90 (Yellow)
  • JST-RCY (Red)
  • JST-DS "Micro Losi"
  • JST-PH 2.0 (White)
  • JST-PH 1.25 "PicoBlade"
  • JST-SM (Black)
  • Deans Ultra-type
  • Futaba JR Servo Plug
  • JR TX
  • Futaba TX
  • DIY Bare Wire 



(1) Multi-Head Charging Adapter (Choose Your Option)



  • Warning: Always be sure to connect the red banana plug connector to the positive (red) input port on the charger and the black banana plug to the negative (black) input port on the charger. Swapping these cables inadvertently can short out your battery.



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