Omnibus F7 v2 (SD + BEC + OSD + Dual Gyro + Barometer)

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  • F7 MCU - faster than the current F3 and F4 processors

  • Two gyros on the flight controller: an MPU6000 for sampling up to 8khz and ICM20608 for sampling up to 32khz

  • Built in betaflight OSD

  • 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm

  • SD card reader for recording black box data (SD card not included)

  • Supports 2-4s natively, 5-6s with 220uf 35V capacitor

  • 5v/1A regulator

  • Port for easy connection to Airbot 4-in-1 esc (SH1.0 8P)



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