OSS Team T12-X Digital Soldering Station (72W)

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Introducing the T12-X Digital Soldering Station. The temperature rises quickly without losing accuracy and no matter the size of the solder joints, this soldering iron can easily handle it!



  • Temperature enhancement: When the welding process encounters a large solder joint, the temperature of the soldering tip is temporarily increased, and then the normal temperature is restored to make the soldering smoother.
    *In Normal Mode, turn the knob to the right quickly to turn this feature on.
  • Manual Standby: In order to save energy and extend the life of the tip, the user can manually switch the soldering station to standby mode.
    *In Normal Mode, turn the knob to the left quickly to enter standby mode
  • Beep reminder: When the soldering station switches between various modes, the built-in buzzer emits different rhythm sounds. By learning these sounds, the user can master the operation of the soldering station without having to watch the screen.



  • Power: 72W
  • Temperature: 150°C to 450°C (302°F to 842°F)
  • Working AC voltage: 100V – 240V, 5A, 72W



Normal Use Mode:

  1. In the power-on state, the left and right rotation editor directly adjusts the temperature value (150-450 degrees Celsius)
One-button Reinforcement Mode:
  1. Under normal use, press the encoder to enter the temperature enhancement mode (rapid temperature rise of 50 degrees Celsius). The dot in the lower right corner of the digital tube flashes for 2-3 seconds until the set temperature enters the normal heating mode. The duration defaults to one minute.
  2. After one minute, the two automatically return to normal temperature.

Function Setting Mode:

  1. When the power is on, press the encoder for 1 second and then release.
  2. Enter the parameter setting function.
  3. Rotate the encoder to select the setting options: P01, P02, P03, P04
  4. Click the encoder cycle function option.
  5. Press and hold the encoder button for 3 seconds to automatically save and exit the setting interface, after a click.



(1) T12-X Digital Controller Station
(1) T12 Handle 
(3) T12 Tips
(1) Soldering Iron Stand
(1) Wire Sponge
(2) T12 Handle Sleeve (Gray & Blue)
(1) Power Socket Adapter
(1) Antistatic ESD Ground Strap
(1) Silicone Pad



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