RadioMaster Zorro Radio Transmitter (Hall Version / 4-in-1 Multi-Protocol)

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Introducing the new Zorro gamepad-style RC transmitter from RadioMaster, featuring an ergonomic design, and a large, bright LCD screen in the perfect viewing position. The 4-In-1 version is a great choice for FPV pilots looking to try many different protocols. This transmitter also officially supports OPENTX and EDGETX firmware. The RadioMaster Zorro is set to change the game once again.



  • Adjustable Hall Sensor gimbals
  • A nano-size external RF module bay
  • Built-in USB-C Charging
  • Headphone audio output
  • USB-C Data port for updating and playing simulators
  • Will fit nano-sized modules



    (2) 18350 Batteries (Internal)


    (1) 2S LiPo (External)



    • Dimensions: 7" x 6" x 4" (170 x 159 x 108mm)
    • Weight: 12oz (350g)
    • Operating Frequency: 2.400GHz-2.480GHz
    • Internal RF Options: 4-in-1 Multi-Protocol
    • Supported Protocols: Module dependent
    • RF Power: 4-In-1 20dBm max
    • Antenna Type/Gain: Folding/2db
    • Operational Current: 160mA@8.4V
    • Operational Voltage: 6.6-8.4v DC
    • Control Distance: >2km @ 20dbm
    • Operating System: OpenTX / EdgeTX Compatible
    • Control Channels: Maximum 16 (Rx Dependent)
    • Display: 128x64mm Monochrome LCD
    • Battery Recommendations: (2) 18350 Batteries (Internal) and/or (1) 2S LiPo (External). *Batteries Not Included.
    • Charging: Built-in USB-C Charging
    • Gimbal: Hall-Effect
    • Module Bay: Nano Size 
    • Firmware Upgrade Method: Via USB or SD Card





    (1) RadioMaster Zorro Radio Transmitter



    Support OPENTX & EDGETX

    radiomaster zorro radio OPENTX EDGETX

    Switchable in Mode 1 and Mode 2

    Zorro radio supports switching between Mode 1 and Mode 2 without disassembly. The default factory mode is Mode 2. 

    RadioMaster Zorro Radio

    Adjustable Hall Gimbals 

    radiomaster hall gimbals

    External Module Bay

    Zorro Radio is with an external module bay for use with Crossfire / ELRS and other compatible modules.

    RadioMaster Zorro Radio

    18350 Battery Compartments

    Battery Charging

    • Supports USB-C Directing Charging 

    • Supports External 2S Battery Power Supply

    Oversized LCD & Foldable Antenna

    RadioMaster Zorro Radio oversized LCD

     DIY Attachment Points

    RadioMaster Zorro Radio DIY Attachment Points

    Ergonomically Designed



    RadioMaster AG01-Mini CNC Hall Gimbal Set for Zorro & TX12

    RadioMaster Zorro Radio Transmitter Carrying Case



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