Skystars F722 KM40 40A Stack (20x20 / 6 Uarts / 10V / Baro / 3-6S)

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Introducing the new Skystars F722 Stack. This 20x20 stack is 6S capable which further proves that downsizing doesn't always mean sacrificing power.  The Flight Controller also comes with a 10V / 2A pad available to supply power to a DJI Air Unit or Vista Kit without the need for a voltage regulator.



Flight Controller:

  • MCU: STM32F722RGT6 216MHz
  • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI)
  • OSD: Betaflight OSD &  DJI HD OSD (UART6)
  • 6 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • Barometer: YES
  • Buzzer Pad: YES
  • 5V 2A & 10V 2A
  • Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo
  • Blackbox: 16MB
  • Firmware: SKYSTARS F7HD
  • Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 7mm 
  • Mounting Holes: 20mm / M3 (or M2 with optional Tubular Rivets)
  • Weight: 0.15oz (4.2g)


    • Input voltage: 3-6S LiPo
    • Con. Current: 40A
    • Peak Current: 50A≥ 10S
    • Firmware: BLHeli_32
    • Support: Dshot 600/1200
    • Mounting hole: 20 x 20 mm/M3
    • BEC: No
    • Product size: 31 x 36 x 3.9mm
    • Weight: 0.27oz (7.8g)



    (1) Skystars F722HD KM40 40A Stack
    (1) XT60 Male Adapter
    (1) 35v 560uf Capacitor
    (1) Hardware Kit
    (2) 8-Pin ESC to FC Cables
    (2) Battery Lead Wires



    • Manufacturer upgrades, alterations, and processor/firmware changes frequently made without prior notice. Exact specifications, photos and links cannot be guaranteed. 



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