TBS Tango 2 Module Bay

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This "LITE" style module bay fits in the back of your Tango 2 transmitter and plugs into the receptacle board, providing your Tango 2 transmitter with the capability of switching modules. 



  • TBS Tango 2 (with Mainboard "V006H" and up)
  • Most "LITE" Style RX Modules
* Not compatible with the XJT mini-module as they use a pin that TBS did not anticipate for use in their module bay. It appears that the XJT mini-module is the only module on the market that uses this pin. This is why there is an incompatibility between the XJT mini-module and the Tango 2 (V2 and up) boards.



  • Install the FPC cable to the PCB by first lifting the lock and then sliding the cable in (with the blue side facing up), and then lock it back down. 
  • Feed the cable through the bottom, and place the PCB in the module bay.  
  • Turn the module bay around to make sure everything fits accordingly. 
  • Close the case with the 2 screws provided.
  • Use a Dremel, knife, or solder tip to cut a small hole according to the outline. 
  • Slide the flex PCB through the drilled case. 
  • Clean the back surface and tape the Tango 2 module bay down.
  • Install the FPC cable into the receptacle.
  • Close the Tango2 case, and you're done!



    (1) Module Bay
    (1) Ribbon Cable
    (1) PCB
    (2) Screws

    *Tango2 Radio Transmitter sold separately.



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