ARRMA Metal Wheel Hub Set (12mm / 4pcs)

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This 12mm wheel hex set provides you with the parts you need to run 12mm hex wheels on your ARRMA vehicle.



  • Constructed from high quality aluminum material
  • Precision manufactured for easy fit to your model 
  • High strength steel pins
  • Retaining set screws included



  • Big Rock Crew Cab 3S BLX 4WD
  • Big Rock V3 3S BLX 4WD
  • Granite 3S BLX 4WD
  • Granite 4X2 Boost Mega
  • Granite Mega
  • Granite V3 3S BLX 4WD
  • Granite V3 Mega 4WD
  • Infraction 3S BLX 4WD
  • Infraction Mega
  • Senton 3S BLX 4WD
  • Senton 4X2 Boost Mega
  • Senton Mega
  • Senton V3 3S BLX 4WD
  • Senton V3 Mega 4WD
  • Vendetta 3S BLX 4WD
  • Vorteks 3S BLX 4WD
  • Vorteks 4X2 Boost Mega



  • Part# AR310816
  • Wheel Hex Material: Aluminum
  • Hex Size: 12mm
  • Pin Size: 10 x 2.5mm
  • Set Screw Size: M3 x 3mm



(1) 4 x 12mm Aluminum Wheel Hex
(1) 4 x 10 x 2.5mm Pin
(1) 4 x M3 x 3mm Set Screw



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