RRP 17T Pinion Gear (48-Pitch / 5mm Shaft)

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This 17-tooth (48-pitch) pinion gear is machined from hardened metal for extra-long life. Changing gear ratios can help balance acceleration and top speed for different running conditions.



    • Part# RRP2017
    • Teeth: 17T
    • Pitch/Module: 48 Pitch
    • Shaft Size: 5mm
    • Material: Metal
    • Design: Use with 48-pitch spur gears & motors with 5mm shafts



    (1) RRP 17T Pinion Gear (48P / 5mm Shaft Hole)
    (1) Set Screw



    • Always refer to your vehicle's manual or check with the vehicle's manufacturer to verify compatibility.

    • Make sure you thread lock the grub/set screw.

    • Larger gears will result in higher top-end speeds while smaller gears provide more torque. For quicker acceleration, it is recommended to go for a smaller pinion gear (with fewer teeth) and a larger spur gear (with more teeth). Your car will accelerate off the mark very quickly with more torque, and you'll also benefit from cooler running temperatures, extending the life of your motor and ESC. Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for proper gearing ratios and temperature ranges to keep your electronics safe.



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