Spektrum DX3 Smart Bluetooth Module

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The Spektrum BT2000 is intended to add Bluetooth functionality to your Spektrum DX3 Smart Transmitter for use with the Spektrum Dashboard mobile app.


The Spektrum Dashboard mobile application allows drivers to view everything from speed, motor or engine temperature, battery voltage, and more. And now with Spektrum Smart Technology integration, it is easier than ever before to get valuable telemetry data, right at your fingertips, with no additional wires or sensors.


Simply install the Spektrum Bluetooth module with your Spektrum DX3 Smart or DX2E Active transmitter and view real-time telemetry data like never before. You can also manage individual settings for RPM, temp, rx voltage, and more with the options of setting alarms to indicate low voltage, high motor temperature, RPM limits, and more. On top of our innovative telemetry dashboard, drivers can make even more in-depth and fine adjustments to servo settings, such as travel, sub-trims, and auxiliary switch settings, right from the Dashboard app! Making it possible to fine-tune your vehicle to your liking easy and hassle-free.


Want to share your speed run with your friends? Use our Social media integration! Post a screenshot of your fastest run straight to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account right to your accounts with the simple touch of a button.

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  • Part# SPMBT2000
  • Application: Bluetooth Connection for DX3
  • Product Width: 0.58" (15mm)
  • Product Length: 0.96" (24mm)



(1) Spektrum DX3 Smart Bluetooth Module



  • Installation tip: Upon initial pairing with the installed Spektrum Bluetooth module, the application will update the transmitter firmware which enables the transmitter to receive telemetry data from the onboard telemetry receiver or telemetry module. Please do not close the application or power off the transmitter during the update process. The Dashboard application will not function until the transmitter is updated.



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