STRIX Nano Goblin PNP (EPP Foam / 580mm)

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  • Wingspan: 580mm
  • Wing Area: ~140" sq
  • Length: 390mm
  • Weight: 200-250g (Ready to fly with FPV and battery)
  • Motor: STRIX Cobra 1407 3500KV
  • ESC: STRIX Cobra 10A with 2A UBEC
  • Servos: STRIX Emax ES9051 Digital
  • Prop: Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 (APC 4.1 x 4.1 can also be used) ***See Below***
  • Battery: Li-ion 2s 3200mAH or Li-Po 1500-1800mAH 2s
  • Foam: EPP
  • Top Speed: 60mph on stock propeller or 70mph with APC 4.1x4.1(2s li-ion, verified by radar on several passes)
  • Flight time - Varies with battery, but we typically see 40-50 minutes when having fun using the Li-ion packs, and over 60 is easily possible. 


  • 1x Fully Assembled PNP Nano Goblin
  • 1x CW, 1x CCW Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 Propeller
  • 1x Quick setup guide
  • 1x Reusable box with a plastic handle (Fits in an airline overhead and your F-16!) 


  • 4 Channel RC transmitter and receiver
  • Flight battery
  • FPV gear (optional)

Cobra 10A ESC User Guide

***Propellor Warning- Please use only as reference and test with a wattmeter when using any combination outside of the stock recommended setup. 

  • Stock 3052 Prop; on 2s pulls ~6.8a, and on 3s pulls ~12a
  • 4.1x4.1 APC Prop; on 2s pulls ~9.7a, and on 3s pulls ~16.8a

As with any build, you want to have around 25% overhead on your ESC so that it will run cool.***



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