Tattu FunFly 6S / 1300mAh / 100C / 22.2V / XT60 LiPo Battery

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The FunFly line of batteries is the newest member of the Tattu family, built to be an affordable, yet reliable battery for FPV training and freestyle.


With their stable performance, you can concentrate on your flips, rolls and power loops, all while perfecting your best tricks yet. What's more, this FunFly 6S Li-Po battery gives you a higher capacity than most comparable sized Li-Po packs, and an equally high discharge rate of 100C and a 200C max burst.



  • Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 Cells
  • Discharge Rate: 100C
  • Max Burst Discharge Rate: 200C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 225g/unit
  • Dimensions: 74mm Length x 35mm Width x 45mm Height
  • Charge/Discharge Plug: XT60 Female
  • Balance/Charge Plug: JST-XHR-7P



(1) Tattu FunFly 6S 1300mAh LiPo Battery 



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