TLR Shock Oil / 2oz Bottle / Multiple Weights

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This oil is the official Team LOSI Racing Silicone Shock Oil, in six different weights to choose from. Made from 100% pure silicone oil, this oil will not thin out in hot weather or thicken up in cold weather.



  • 100% Pure Silicone Oil
  • 2 ounces per bottle
  • Multiple weights to choose from: 20wt, 25wt, 30wt, 35wt, 40wt, 45wt, 50wt, 60wt, 70wt, 80wt, 90wt, and 100wt
    *See notes for help choosing the right oil for your vehicle



(1) 2oz Bottle of TLR Shock Oil (Choose Your Weight)



  • Shock oil determines the damping of your car. Heavy oil with higher weight (Wt) and Viscosity (cSt) will make your car seem sluggish while lightweight oil will make your car seem more responsive. 
  • The higher the weight of the oil, the heavier (or thicker) the oil will be. 
  • As a general rule, lighter oil is better for bumpy conditions, but allows more chassis roll.
  • Heavier oil is better for smooth tracks, but decreases responsiveness.



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