Traxxas Titan 550 12-Turn Brushed Motor (#3785)

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The Titan 12T 550 modified motor is designed for incredible mod-motor power output with virtually maintenance-free operation, and long-lasting performance.



  • Powerful Titan 550 12-turn modified motor is a replacement motor for Traxxas remote-controlled cars
  • Long-lasting life with an internal cooling fan to help prevent overheating
  • Over-sized armature for big torque and increased power handling
  • Compatible with a variety of RC cars and trucks, including Traxxas Bandit, Stampede, and more



  • Part# 3785
  • Size: 550
  • 12-Turn
  • Shaft Size: 3mm
  • Can Diameter: 1.25" (38mm)
  • Length Including Shaft: 3.2" (81mm)
  • Length Not Including Shaft: 2.3" (57.5mm)



    (1) Traxxas Titan 12T / 550 Brushed Motor
    (1) Manual



    • The Titan 12T 550 motor will require a short break-in period to ensure optimum performance and longer motor life. For the first battery pack, use the stock-installed pinion gear and drive smoothly on a flat, paved surface. Accelerate smoothly (avoiding full-throttle starts), with most of the driving being done at higher speeds. Do not use the brake or put the model into reverse during this time. This will help ensure that the motor provides the best performance and longest life.  



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