Traxxas Titan 550 21-Turn Brushed Motor (#3975R)

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The Titan® 550 reverse-rotation motor is a 21-turn fan-cooled 550 size powerhouse capable of handling 14.4 volts. This powerful motor has a 30% longer armature than a standard 540 size motor for extreme monster torque.



Replacement Part for:

  • TRX-4® 1979 Chevrolet® Blazer®
  • TRX-4® 1979 Ford® Bronco®
  • TRX-4® Chevrolet® K10 High Trail Edition™
  • TRX-4® Equipped with Traxx®
  • TRX-4® Ford® Bronco®
  • TRX-4® Ford® F-150® High Trail Edition™
  • TRX-4® Land Rover® Defender®
  • TRX-4® Sport
  • TRX-4® Unassembled Kit
  • TRX-6® Mercedes-Benz® G 63® AMG 6X6
  • TRX-6® Ultimate RC Hauler


Accessory Part for:

  • TRX-4® Sport Unassembled Kit



  • Part# 3975R
  • Size: 550
  • Shaft Size: 3.2mm
  • Turns: 21-Turn
  • Voltage: 14 Volts



(1) Traxxas Titan 550 21-Turn Brushed Motor (#3975R)



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