Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus (#5020 / 20% Nitro / 1 Quart)

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Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus is made specifically for RC cars and trucks. Cars and trucks place incredible demands on engines and fuel. Top Fuel Power Plus uses both castor and synthetic oil. Synthetic oil provides excellent high-tech lubrication for your engine and allows rapid throttle response. Castor oil provides additional high temperature lubrication and over-lean protection.

The oil percentages are specially balanced to provide just the right amount of lubrication for long engine life and to provide the crisp clean throttle response you demand in a car fuel. Top Fuel Power Plus also contains anti foaming agents, a wetting agent to improve engine lubrication, and corrosion inhibitors to maintain stability and peak performance in hostile Nitro environments.



  • Part# 5020
  • Container Size: 1 Quart
  • Blend: 20% Nitro



(1) Traxxas Top Fuel Power Plus (20% Nitro / 1 Quart)



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