Traxxas TQi 5-Channel Micro Receiver w/ Telemetry & TSM

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Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM) lets you experience all the extreme power, speed, and acceleration that was engineered into your Traxxas model by making it much easier to control on slippery surfaces such as loose dirt, smooth concrete, and even ice and snow. Go ahead, punch it off the line! TSM senses the vehicle’s direction and makes steering corrections to provide straight-ahead full-throttle acceleration without fishtailing or spinouts. When cornering, TSM intuitively corrects the vehicle’s line for faster exit speeds. TSM also improves braking by keeping the vehicle arrow straight until you reach a complete stop.



  • Part# 6533
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Channels: 5CH





(1) Traxxas TQi 5-Channel Micro Receiver



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