UMMAGRIP Battery Pad (TBS Edition)

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This ultra sticky battery pad keeps your Li-Pos locked in place for the whole flight! When combined with a high-quality Li-Po strap, ejected and damaged batteries are a thing of the past. After testing a variety of formulas, thicknesses, stiffness, and bonding adhesives, this final iteration became known as "Ummagrip".


Ummagrip is now available in a universal, cut-to-size, battery pad that can be fitted to just about any frame. The Ummagrip universal battery pad is 100mm long x 50mm wide x 3mm thick. There’s definitely plenty of material to cover most frames and keep your battery clear of any bolts.


Ummagrip was molded directly onto high quality 3M permanent adhesive on the frame side and textured with a debossed TBS logo pattern on the battery side. These features help the pad stay on your frame and grip batteries without getting stuck to them.



  • High Quality 3M Permanent Adhesive
  • Keeps your LiPo batteries locked in place
  • Cut to size to fit any frame
  • Textured TBS logo pattern for better grip



  • Size: 100mm x 50mm x 3mm (L x W) 
  • Brand/Glue Type: 3M Permanent Adhesive



Using a damp sponge is the best method to clean off your Ummagrip. Water is all that’s needed to get dust and dirt un-stuck from the pad, but as it gets cleaner and drier, it gets more and more sticky. So avoid things like paper towels, tissues, t-shirts, or rags as they might leave too much lint behind.


Although Ummagrip is extremely sticky when clean and dust-free, it does not need to be perfectly clean to still work. Even well coated in dust, it still grips batteries noticeably better than foam or rubber pads ever could. 


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