ARRMA Composite Center Driveshaft

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This high-quality composite center slider driveshaft set provides ideal replacements for a few different ARRMA cars that will be listed below. 



  • Tough composite material for long-lasting durability and increased torsional twisting resistance
  • High quality molding for precision fit
  • Spring-steel spring for consistent performance



  • Big Rock V3 4X4 3S BLX
  • Big Rock Crew Cab 4WD 3S BLX
  • Granite 4WD 3S BLX
  • Granite 4WD 3S BLX
  • Granite V3 4WD 3S BLX
  • Granite V3 Mega 4WD 
  • Infraction Mega 4WD
  • Kraton 4WD 4S BLX
  • Outcast 4WD 4S BLX
  • Senton 4WD 3S BLX
  • Senton V3 4WD 3S BLX
  • Senton V3 Mega 4WD 
  • Senton Mega 4WD
  • Typhon 4WD 3S BLX
  • Typhon V3 4WD 3S BLX
  • Typhon V3 Mega 4WD 
  • Typhon Mega 4WD
  • Vendetta 4WD 3S BLX
  • Vorteks 4WD 3S BLX



  • Part# AR310884
  • Material: Composite Plastic



(1) Front Section (Long Wheelbase models)
(1) Front Section (Short Wheelbase models)
(1) Rear Section
(1) Spring



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