Emax ECO II 2306 / 1900KV or 2400KV Brushless Motor

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Introducing the ECO II Series, a new line of brushless motors further improving on performance and durability, while retaining the same affordability. Redesigned from the ground up, the ECO II boasts an all-new architecture, with a more rounded design, paired with thicker reinforcements for maximum durability. Finished with a reflective surface, the ECO II offers a sleek and modern design.

These ECO II motors utilize N52SH arc magnets, instead of the N48 magnets previously used, allowing for a more powerful throttle response and higher RPMs. With more torque and thrust, pilots can easily meet the demands of any track or trick they attempt.



  • Brand new design with a rounded bell and stronger attachment points for increased durability.
  • Mirror-polished finish that shines with even the smallest bit of light.
  • Upgraded N25SH curved arc magnets for tighter airgap and better performance.
  • EZO 9mm bearing for unparalleled smooth operation.



  • Color: Black Chrome
  • KV: 1900KV or 2400KV Brushless Motor
  • Mounting Pattern: 4-Hole



(1) Emax ECO II 2306 / 1900KV or 2400KV Brushless Motor
(4) Screws



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