Volare Avalon S5 FPV Drone Frame Kit (5" / 225mm)

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The Avalon S5 is yet another great quadcopter kit in the exclusive, Volare line of frames. Its aerodynamic, H-Frame design allows for clean airflow and minimized prop-wash. It's also capable of mounting either a 30x30mm or 20x20mm stack inside to maximize build versatility. Plus, this frame accommodates the DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista, just by removing the 3rd set of screws from the front.



  • Full 3K High-Quality Carbon Fiber
  • Fits 5" & 5.1" Propellers 
  • Top Battery Mount
  • 225mm Wheelbase Frame
  • Fits Mini & Micro FPV Cameras (using optional 3D Printed Camera Mounts)
  • Fits 20x20 & 30x30 Stacks
  • Motor Holes for 22xx to 24xx
  • Compatible with DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista



      • Wheelbase: 225mm
      • Plate Thickness: 2mm
      • Arm Thickness: 5mm
      • FC Mounting Holes: 20 x 20mm or 30 x 30mm
      • Battery Position: Top Mount
      • Camera Size: 19mm or 22mm FPV Cameras
      • Propeller Size: 5" & 5.1"



      • Apply heat to the 3D Printed Antenna Mount with a lighter or heat gun for around 2 seconds to soften TPU material. (Note: applying more than 2 seconds of heat may damage the TPU)
      • Position the antenna mount over the rear standoffs and apply slight pressure to fit the mount over the exterior part of the standoffs. Make sure the Antenna Mount is tightly installed, directly under the top plate.





        (1) Avalon Top Plate
        (1) Avalon Bottom Plate
        (2) Camera Brace Plates
        (1) Avalon Arm Brace
        (4) Avalon Arms
        (8) M3 x 25mm Standoffs
        (4) M3 Press-Fit Nuts
        (12) M3 x 8mm Screws
        (4) M3 x 12mm Screws
        (4) M3 x 14mm Screws
        (2) Volare 20x250mm Battery Straps
        (1) Antenna Mount (3D Printed with TPU)
        (2) Camera Mounts (3D Printed with TPU // Optional for use with Micro Cameras)
        (1) Battery Pad
        (1) Exploded View Diagram
        (1) Volare Sticker



        • Always apply blue thread-locker to all screws to keep them from falling out.

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